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Customizable synthetic data generation

Lexset’s industry-leading synthetic data generation is tailored to your precise needs.

Lexset’s synthetic data platform procedurally generates physically accurate simulations with complete annotations to train your AI.


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Seahaven generates data to train AI in a matter of


Upload your 3D assets and generate high-quality data to use in your computer vision project. 

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Synthetic Data Use Cases


Lexset maximizes data diversity — because your Computer Vision system needs to learn all the ways damage appears. We specialize in aerial images of roofs (including things like facet annotations), commercial and residential buildings, and automobiles.


Get started training your AI with industry-leading synthetic insurance data today. In a fraction of the time and cost as a traditional dataset, Lexset will get you the data you need with accurate annotations in the format you need.

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Customers are demanding better and more accurate shopping experiences — and the best way to get cutting edge AI-powered experiences is with superior training data. Lexset’s robust synthetic data can power everything from custom product shots to “Shop the Look” features and custom design applications. 


Whether training a machine learning system to identify what’s in stock or helping a customer try on a new look from the comfort of their own home, Lexset training data powers AI to get it done.


Security is the art of predicting and assessing low probability events. But when you’re training AI, those edge cases are the hardest data points to come by. We create data to train AI for home and commercial security, aerial surveillance (including drones and high altitude recon), and even targeting applications. 


We know that when it comes to keeping people safe, AI can’t make a mistake. Lexset can help make sure your AI won’t miss out where it matters most.

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Architecture & Home

Whether you’re building new homes or helping your clients design existing spaces, Lexset’s groundbreaking synthetic data can power your AI — all while preserving privacy and improving performance. Lexset’s datasets for architecture, construction and design increase efficiency and save hundreds of hours on data acquisition for your existing projects. 


Lexset makes data for the built world — get started today and get the data you need in the format you need it.

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