Synthetic Data Tools:

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 Synthetic Data Generation:

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LexSet Synthetic Data utilizes our rendering engine built from 3D visualization and simulation technologies to generate robust training sets that can complement existing training sets or serve as the foundation for a customer’s machine learning models. We take 3D CAD files and 3D scans of objects to generate thousands of images of each object, in all possible lighting states, occlusions, & camera angles for an ideal training set, for almost any object recognition application. LexSet has already generated over half a billion synthetic images. Our custom synthetic training datasets allow real-time attribution and SKU-level object recognition.

XR - Realtime Search:

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LexSet’s mobile cross-platform SDK is a RESTful API that can be utilized by mobile applications on any platform. The SDK enables real-time recognition, 3D tracking, and contents listing. The tool can also be used to help create digital twins for virtual room planning / virtual scene creation.