Meet LexSet.

LexSet is a Spatial Intelligence company building the next generation of Vision AI. We enable AIs by automating the creation of synthetic training data for machine vision, alleviating the number one machine learning (ML) bottleneck, quality training data. Our revolutionary ML techniques enable object recognition and spatial perception at never-before-seen levels of accuracy and specificity. Unlike other computer vision companies, LexSet creates custom ML curricula to teach AIs to identify exact objects, understand their properties, map their exact locations and positions, and intuit their spatial relationships.

We make Computer Vision tools.

Mobile Vision AI: LexSet’s mobile cross-platform SDK is a RESTful API that can be utilized by mobile applications on any platform. The SDK enables real-time recognition, 3D tracking, and contents listing.

Real time attribution and descriptions: LexSet has already generated over half a billion synthetic images of furniture and other interior architectural elements. Our custom synthetic training datasets allow real-time attribution and SKU-level object recognition. We use this data set to augment your models and provide more meaningful and accurate results for your applications.

LexSet Data Engine: LexSet’s Training Data engine uses 3D visualization and simulation technologies to generate robust training sets that can complement existing training sets or serve as the foundation for your machine learning models. We will work directly with your team to create a data feed that best meets the needs of your machine learning models.