LexSet Visual Search (LVS)

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LexSet’s flagship offering is the world’s only B2B visual search tool purpose-built for e0commerce furniture retailers and contract furniture sellers. LVS give furniture sellers and their customers a major advantage in the discovery process--unlocking more sales and driving revenue.

Customers and designers simply feed in any image they love, LVS identifies the existing objects in the scene, and instantly returns products to make the look they want.

Similar Product Search

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A variation on LexSet’s visual search technology, Similar Product Search creates product recommendations when a customer views a product’s details. Recommendations are driven both by the product’s type/category as well as visual similarity.

This tool is especially useful for contract furniture sellers who engage in competitive bidding. Heretofore this process has been painfully time consuming; but with LexSet, the process of finding equivalent products is near instantaneous.

Shoppable Galleries:

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LexSet’s technology is also be applied to the inspiration images of retail e-commerce sites to make them directly shoppable, automating the creation of ‘shop-the-look’ experiences with our “Shoppable Galleries” tool.

Many companies have these experiences, but they have to pay web developers to manually build them, limiting how many they can have, and requiring them to be rebuilt every season. With LexSet, retailers can have as many shoppable images as they want, and change them whenever they want with ease.