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Lexset is Hiring!

Company Overview:

Artificial Intelligence is transforming nearly every industry and how we interface with computers. Obtaining good training data is one of the biggest bottlenecks in creating great Artificial Intelligence. Visual data for computer vision applications is some of the most difficult. Current methods for obtaining and labeling training data are slow, expensive, and inaccurate. Lexset uses simulation and procedural 3D content to deliver AI teams the data they need when they need it in a scalable and repeatable fashion. Lexset is solving one of the biggest problems in AI, building the world’s first simulation solution specially built for the needs of artificial intelligence teams.


This is a role for an engineer and builder who will develop features and functionality for Lexset’s synthetic data platform and maintain strong relationships with our customer’s technical teams. The candidate should love solving complex problems and be very detail-oriented. This person should be as excited about building great technology as they are about communicating complex ideas visually and verbally. In this role, you will be responsible for understanding our customers needs, understanding how they use our products, and helping our customers integrate our products into their workflows. This engineer will also implement new features as needed to support customer applications.

  • Interact with customers daily to understand their pain points and design solutions.

  • Help customers troubleshoot and debug simulations to generate synthetic data.

  • Design, develop and deploy new features to our synthetic data platform.

  • Manage the production of 3D Content. This engineer should be passionate about 3D graphics and capable of working with various 3D content production tools.


Being a Synthetic Data Engineer at Lexset means you are responsible for ensuring that our customers are successful with our products and enabled to generate the types of datasets they need. You will perform integrations and design systems to help our customers achieve their goals. This position will also be responsible for educating customers about the value and benefits of working with synthetic data and helping create tutorials and educational materials.

  • Collaborate with other members of the engineering team to integrate customer feedback into the product

  • Communicate complex solutions to customers both visually and verbally

  • Oversee the creation of educational materials that help people better understand the benefits of Lexset products and how synthetic data can be used to improve the development of artificial intelligence.

  • Produce and manage the production of 3D content.

  • Write code and collaborate with engineering team members to design and implement new features as needed.


  • Strong engineering background, preferably in Computer Graphics, Mathematics, or Computer Science

  • Experience working with both technical and non-technical partners and customers

  • Proficiency in languages such as Javascript, Python, or similar languages

  • Experience building and deploying web applications

  • Proficiency with a suite of 3D modeling and 3D rendering tools

  • Proficiency with docker and Kubernetes

  • Solutions-oriented mindset and not afraid of hard problems and ambitious projects

  • Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to learn new subject matter quickly

We value diversity at our company. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or any other applicable legally protected characteristics in the location in which the candidate is applying.

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